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Tom Dingwall
Votes: 24,048
Running for: Regional Chair, Durham Region
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My wife Arlene and I have been married for 21 years and we have two amazing boys. They are the pride of my life. I have been a member of the Durham Regional Police Service for 26 years, having worked in all of our municipalities in one capacity or another. I have extensive investigative experience and possess the demonstrated ability to lead large teams to achieve exceptional results. I have worked in Sexual Assault and Child Abuse, Homicide, and most recently Professional Standards investigating allegations of police misconduct. I hold myself and those around me to a high standard.

I have the proven ability to diffuse highly volatile situations, review and analyze information, separate emotion from fact and make evidence-based decisions. I listen to people and treat everyone with respect. I follow process, procedures and the law.

I have taken a five-month unpaid leave of absence to take on this challenge. I have suspended my pension, benefits and seniority to fight for change. I owe no political favour and I am indebted only to the people of Durham Region. I will be a strong and ethical voice for all of our communities and ensure balance at Regional Council.


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