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Marcellin Kwilu Mondo
Votes: 30
Running for: French Language Catholic School Board (Conseil scolaire de district catholique MonAvenir) Trustee,
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37 Beer Crescent Ajax


Catholic, French speaking person by birth and a father to 3 young children, I am a proud product of the Catholic education system. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, a diploma in senior high school professional teaching and a Master's Degree in Economics, Projects Evaluation and Management. I am currently an Operations Manager in wealth and wellness industry. Been involved in our French Community for over 10 years, I was involved in the Community Income Tax Volunteer Program. From September 2015 to January 2018 I volunteered to the School Parents' Council at Notre Dame-de-la-Jeunesse in Ajax. Since April 2016 I have been volunteering on the board of administrators for the Durham French Daycare Centers Corporation -Les Lucioles as a Treasurer. I am also partner to Project "Feeding kids" to fight childhood hunger. I am a catechist and coordinator of the kid's liturgy of the Word, preparation to the sacraments and ministry of altar service and youth Scriptures reading Program.

The irreversible revolution of new technologies, the culture of true Christian values and virtues in our Schools are real challenges and require subsequent actions in terms of all needed resources adequate allocation. I strongly believe that it is more than critical to set up a path where the local government and other relevant education partners will work in the most effective synergistic way. Indeed, pursuing excellence and rigorousness, students must be the main focus of our political actions. I am committed to be that strong, relevant, effective and dynamic voice for our great schools.


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